DIPOL TG1R Wärmebild-Binokular mit Entfernungsmesser

6.522,00 incl. MwSt.

The binocular is intended to observe movable and immovable objects in conditions of various illumination and limited visibility (fog, dust, etc.) or complete darkness and measure distance to them.

With the help of the device one can indicate places having temperature background different from natural, for example,  hot liquid, gas leakage, heating of local surfaces etc.


Model TG1R
Sensor: pixels / detector pitch 384×288 / 17um
Microdisplays: type / pixels OLED / 1024×768
Focal, length/aperture ratio F50 /1,0 F75 /1,0
Magnification, Х 3,5 5,3
Angle of view, degr 7,5°х5,6° 5°х3.8°
Digital zoom х2, х4
Detection range (obj.0.5×1.8m), m up to 1200 up to 1700
Rangefinder, measurement, m up to 800
Spectral range, micrometer 8  – 14
Frequency, Hz 50
Palette 9 types
Diopter adjustment, diopters ±4
Voltage/Battery type 9V / 3 x CR123A Lithium
Operating time (+20°C), hours 4,5
Operation temperature range, °С -40 … +50
Degree of protection according to IEC 60529 (optional) IPX5 (IPX7)
Dimensions, mm 241x139x87 241x143x87
Weight, kg 1,2 1,4
Plug for external power supply present
Manual adjustment of sensor reinforcement present
Manual adjustment of microdisplay brightness present
Video output present

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Dieses Gerät ist in der Variante mit 50mm und 75mm Objektivdurchmesser verfügbar. Bitte erkundigen sie nach den Preisen für diese Varianten bevor sie mit den Kauf fortfahren.