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DIPOL D128 Nachtsichtgerät

Night vision monocular D128 is a professional, multi-functional, compact device desalinated for observation over mobile and motionless objects in the twilight and at night. Specially designed optics provides a good quality image and a big range of detection and recognition. The monocular meets all needs of the highest standards and is efficient for both ordinary and special tasks. Monocular construction allows mounting it on the eyepieces of day optical devices and use them in low light conditions. By improving production technologies the company has reached an optimal combination of price and quality.

1.874,001.928,00 incl. MwSt.

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Body from light alloys of alluminium;
special switch is designed to make impossible a spontaneous activation of the IR illuminator;
built-in low-visible IR illuminator with two level of power;
indicator of the build-in IR illuminator is installed in the field of vision;
light weight, small size

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F26, F80

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