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optinova 08 Sep 0 447
DVS – visuelle Justierung von DIPOLJustieren von Vorsatzgeräten mit Mikrodisplay BildanzeigeDiesen Beitrag widmen wir der Frage, wie Vorsatzgeräte mit einem integrierten Mikrodisplay einfach und präzi..
optinova 21 Feb 0 567
Dear Colleagues, We are happy to inform you that in addition to the distribution ofDIPOL night vision and thermal imaging technology now that tooDIPOL Service Centerfounded in Germany (Wetzlar)!From n..
optinova 25 May 0 620
We look forward to welcoming our visitors with a new contribution! This time we would like to express our opinion on some statements about ASi and VOx thermal imaging technologies that can often be re..
03 Apr 0 494
Lately we have received inquiries from irritated dealers and customers who are surprised that devices with the names TFA1000 PRO and TFA1200 PRO are offered on the Internet.At this point we would like..
optinova 11 Mar 0 374
Dear Colleagues, our DIPOL Service Center in Wetzlar is currently carrying out software updates for our digital devices. From now on, all D400 DNS from DIPOL will be offered with the new software! If ..
optinova 20 Jul 0 487
The company Optinova Solutions was founded in 2017 as a sales and service partner of the company “Dipol”, a company with over 25 years of experience in the development and production of night vision a..
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