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About Us

The company Optinova Solutions was founded in 2017 as a sales and service partner of the company “Dipol”, a company with over 25 years of experience in the development and production of night vision technology and thermal imaging technology from Belarus (Belarus).

Dipol devices offer excellent performance at reasonable prices and are also very popular on the European market due to their optoelectronic and mechanical characteristics.

Optics, electronic and mechanical components specially developed for night vision devices and thermal imaging devices, and finally the final assembled device - all this has to withstand the toughest conditions in nature - and it does! Moisture, strong vibrations, shocks - these are just a few of the important parameters that are systematically incorporated into the development and production process.

The company Optinova Solutions aims to make the high scientific potential, the many years of experience and the competence of our partner tangible for European customers. Retailers should benefit from a clear price structure and end users from an impressive product experience and improved service.

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